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The initial phase of any project is all about discovery. We find out who you are and what you want, and you get to find out about us and how we can assist you. This discussion can be informal and broad brush. It is an opportunity for us to understand your needs by asking you questions like, ‘What do you hope to achieve?’, ‘What is the intended use?’ and ‘What is your ideal timeframe?’ Your answers to questions such as these help us form an understanding of your brief.


Information from the discovery discussion is put into a project plan. Firstly we write a Letter of Engagement. The letter outlines the scope of work required, our service offering and associated fees.

We meet to go through these documents with you and get your confirmation before proceeding. In consultation with you, we plot a project timeline. This is an indication of the phases and likely time required to complete each deadline. As the project progresses and project specifics are nailed down, our project plan is updated and becomes an accurate programme of works.

It is at this point we assign a project team; Architect (design lead and key client contact), Team/Project Leader (Senior Technician who will manage all documentation and team members), Technical Documenters and Assistants. We are careful to match the right mix of skill level, relevant experience and availability to ensure your project plan is met.


Your Architect and project team work closely with you to develop and ultimately deliver a concept that fits your brief, to quality, time and financial targets. Throughout the process we keep you informed on the details, budget and programme. We use a range a project management documents and registers to record all project activity.

There are three phases to documentation:

Preliminary Design: At this phase we show you our design intention. Drawings, artist impressions and 3D modelling are utilised as necessary. Preliminary compliance checks are conducted and sub- consultant engagement takes place as needed.

Developed Design: The drawing set is further refined, ESD features and compliance checks are confirmed. Consultant input is reviewed.

Detailed Design: Working drawings are finalised to Building Consent stage. Towards the end of this documentation phase, we procure the necessary contract services for construction.